What is it?

The Olive biomass is a renewable, widely available, carbon-neutral biomass fuel that has exceptional heat potential. Olive cake biomass is very efficient, in terms of energy, cost and environmental impact. The solid olive residue is composed of olive pits and dried olive cake/husk. Olive biomass releases considerable energy during its combustion and its calorific value largely exceeds that of other wood or agricultural biomass.

Olive pomace is a dark colored paste consisting of crushed olive pits (also called olive stones or kernels), olive husk/skin, pulp, some pomace oil and waste waters. The pits are separated from the vegetable parts and waste waters.

the olive biomass is a premium quality agricultural biomass fuel that is sourced for recycling from the olive oil industry.
The residues that remain after the virgin olive oil extraction process are called olive pomace or olive cake.