the olive biomass is a premium quality agricultural biomass fuel that is sourced for recycling from the olive oil industry.
The residues that remain after the virgin olive oil extraction process are called olive pomace or olive cake.

Olive biomass can be used in direct combustion, CHP, co-combustion with coal and co-combustion with other biomass. It is used in coal fired power stations where part of the fossil fuel supplied to the boilers are replaced by this carbon clean alternative. Other uses are in biomass power stations where it is burned together with other biomass materials to produce electricity and useful heat. It is also used as an efficient heating fuel also in smaller, direct combustion heating system.

The emission produced when burning biomass fuel in industrial facilities is less than using fossil fuels (coal, natural gas or oil). The combustion of biomass fuel is considered carbon neutral since biomass crops, plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when they grow and store the carbon in the plant structure.

The main uses of olive biomass are:

  • Delivered to refining plants for “olive pomace oil” extraction,
  • Spreading as an amendment on agricultural land, preferably after composting,
  • Used as fuel for heating.
  • Manufacturing of Marseille soap.
  • Employed to feed the cattle and sheep.
  • The pomace is a very suitable additive in biogas production.