The olive pomace is a by-product result from olive oil extraction which contains most of the olive's dry matter - skin, pulp, small pieces of stone - and a certain proportion of vegetation water which in turn contains the water-soluble components of the olive, a proportion that depends on the system used.

The pomace is dried, milled and solvent-treated with olive pomace excluding those obtained by re-esterification and any cutting with oils of other kinds.


  • Crude olive pomace oil

This oil, leaving the state of the extractor, is likely to be intended, after refining, for human consumption or for technical purposes

  • Refined olive pomace oil

This oil is obtained from the crude by refining techniques that do not modify the initial glyceride structur

  • Olive pomace oil

This oil cannot be called "olive oil". It is made from refined olive-pomace oli, it is cut with virgin olive oil.